So my son recently had a field trip that our entire family was invited too (yes all 6 of us!) The trip was a camping trip up at the Hillsborough state park…although we had to skip the “camping” part of it lol, unfortunately we have not purchased a tent of our own yet (definitely will in the future though!)…however we did have a wonderful day of “camping” type fun before the evening hit 🙂 It was nice to have the family out and about, spending quality time…sometimes that time gets lost in all of the busyness that comes with our normal lives. The day was eventful…swimming, trail walking, playing in the park, and of course eating lol. The kids were understaning about not actually “camping” however they were dissapointed with some things they missed out on (smores and water ballons!) =D so we chose to continue the little bonding time through the next day so they could enjoy what they missed 🙂

LOL my son’s “Pouty face”

Yes I know what your thinking! haha but no he’s being silly holding tape to his nose…the silly things kids do 🙂

I love his real smile 🙂 this is something that is hard to capture seeing as he loves to make goofy faces everytime I point the camera at him lol…definitely a keeper 😉

my princess 🙂

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