Composition is an important element to consider when creating an image…There are many forms of composition that can be used, and each technique brings something different to the image. A great way of really creating some impact in your work is to combine 2 or more composition techniques… Here I have listed some of my favorite techniques, but there are many, many other techniques you can try as well!

Rule of thirds


Creating a sense of depth and perspective in an image is a strong compositional element simply because photography is a 2D art, and creating depth pulls it away from this.

Pattern and shapes

Bringing focus to an objects shape (like I did with the light rimming the two glasses) or creating/finding a pattern that has one element out of place that becomes the focal point (example is a pile of chocolate m n m’s with one red one)

Leading lines

Leading lines start you one spot of the image, and lead you to the main focal point, and ultimately lead you out of the image. (ribbon begins on the left, circles around leading into the cherries and the leaves the page at the top right)


Having a cluttered background distracts from the focal point of the image, clearing out the background brings focus to the subject. Also the color of the background is important in the sense it creates the mood, and should flatter your subject.


Capturing motion is always I cool way of adding composition to an image, a child running, a fair ride caught in a blur, dance, ect. Motion can be captured with or without blur.

Balance and symmetry

Creating balance on both sides of the image, either by use of symmetry (elements are the same on both sides) or by balance (think of a balance scale)


Capturing emotion, is a must, whether is happiness, sadness, anger, moody, ect… emotion makes an image, every photograph should set a mood.


Seeing it from a different perspective, shoot from an extreme angle up, tilt the camera, shoot from below…bring a new way of looking at things, show people how you see things.

S curve

Creating a curve in the shape of an S is a natural form of composition. It is most commonly found in the female form created from the natural curve and shape. Because it is something that Is found naturally, replicating this curve brings a natural feel to your images.


A simple use of lighting with an impact. Creating form through the use of light, by blacking out the subject while light and color surround them, bringing direct focus to the subject.


The use of color, color theory, or using creative color treatments can really add a lot to an image, depending on how it is used, it can create a mood, and a focal point…however you still need to be careful, too much color everywhere, or conflicting colors can take away from the image as well, by hiding the focus of the subject.

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