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Awhile back (i’m just now catching up on some client blogs) I did a shoot with the most inspiring young lady… I always enjoy my shoots, and I’ve had the most amazing clients…but this girl…she was something else.


Kayla… a strong, sweet, loving, playful child…a leukemia survivor. I have never met anyone like her, the amount of positive energy she had was crazy…and to think what she had been through…I actually cried while editing her images, I kept thinking to myself, how did a child who went through what she went through end up this beautiful, this inspiring, this full of life?


When I first found out about Kayla and what she had been through I knew I wanted to do something nice for her…The ending result ended up being a little fashion shoot where she had her hair and makeup done (courtesy of the talented photographer and hair and makeup artist Joscelyn Stevens) and she was the model for the day. And boy did she work it…she ended up being complete modeling material, the looks, the moves…she had it 🙂 I mean look at those eyes! Do you see them?? And I can’t even begin to explain this girls smile…she even had a little smirk…just beautiful.


It’s no suprise the strength I saw in this young lady…her mother had it too…taking something so devastating and turning into something to help others who are going through the same thing!


This is Kayla and this is her Story!

kayla 11 5 x 7kayla 14 8 x 10



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