waiting for you…

Have you ever heard people talk about how someone has a good vibe? Or even a bad one… but think to yourself…people can’t have vibes, its just how you feel about them after you’ve experienced the kind of person they are… Well that was me… till I met Andreea. I met Andreea about 2 years ago, and instantly I felt that vibe. I felt warm, calm, and happy, before I even heard her talk, she has that vibe I had heard about… Never have I met such a warm, sweet person like this… and now she is having her own warm, sweet baby 🙂  I am beyond grateful that I was the one doing her maternity photos! I can’t wait to meet the little mini Andreea…Tea,  (Tea is spelled with an accent mark over the e, but I don’t know how to type one of those 😉 ) We’re waiting for her…she calls her baby kitten, the one who dances and twirls already like a future ballarina 🙂 Already Andreea shows so much love towards her… Rubbing her belly, telling her she’s beautiful… She’s going to be an amazing mommy

                                                                                                    Oh, and did I mention she’s Gorgeous??


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