Every once in a while I get a family that makes my job easy 🙂 Aside from being gorgeous, this family was fun loving, nurturing, and perfectly photogenic… Their son? A perfect image of his father’s personality… silly, funny, and nothing short of confidence;) …And their daughter? a perfect image of her mother’s personality…soft & loving…I don’t shoot entire families often, but I loved it, Its fun seeing during theses sessions the similarities of families, who takes after who, not just who looks like who, but which personalities each family member has in common…I love the time I get to take in getting to know them 🙂

We began the session with a bit of a hiccup… it had turned out our perfect location had a wedding being held 🙁 but I think it worked out anyways, because the new locations ended up being awesome, with swans and a pretty lake in the background 🙂 I was VERY happy with the way the session turned out, and the most important part? They were too <3

I may specialize in Children photography, but family photography was a lot of fun!

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