They say if it rains on your wedding day it’s a symbol of good luck… well what if it’s a hurricane instead? Thankfully there were no drops of rain at Treasure Island that day, but I’d say a sign of good luck anyways 🙂 To be honest, they couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for their wedding to fall on, and there has never been a couple who deserved perfect weather than these two. It was beautiful.

Ashley and Colton hold a special place in my heart, They are beautiful inside and out… genuine, caring, and really just the sweetest people I’ve met… and their wedding did nothing short of matching who they are. It was beautiful. They were beautiful. With soft shades of blue, vibrant yellows, sunflowers, and sandcastles… The whole wedding was happy, playful, soft, and sweet… just like them.

I briefly met their families, and after seeing them in action, I see how they became so amazing. Their family is strong, the amount of love they have for each other… lets just say It was difficult editing through watery eyes <3  and to me, this shows how lasting their marriage is going to be… it shows how strong what ever little family they have for themselves will be…

The whole group… family, friends… were fun loving… and I swear, did they all take dance classes as kids?? They. Had. the moves. Even the father daughter dance was awesome. So much entertainment =D

I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Jordan!




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