When I first met with Catherine and Cameron, I could tell right away what genuinely sweet people they are, and I knew that their wedding wasn’t going to be anything short of matching their personalities. Boy was I right, their wedding was soft, sweet, beautifully breathtaking… There were sweet treats everywhere you looked, from the Cookie bar, to the s’mores bar, to the wildflower and orange blossom honey stand (which I have to say was really tasty!)



And they really do make the perfect couple, in the little bit of time I had the opportunity to get to know Cat & Cam, I have seen that they bring out the best in each other… I saw Cat who is otherwise shy, become playful when with Cam, and Cam who talks only of wanting the day to be perfect for Cat and shows the most gentile nature. They compliment each other <3 And I can only imagine what a beautiful person their daughter will grow to be with such beautiful people as her parents.

I was really quite impressed to how well the day fell into place. The venue at Bird Island Lake Ranch was so Beautiful, with the fire pit seating area, to the vastly large forest scene with so many booths decorated beautifully. The cake was gorgeous and tasty, the venue was decorated soft and eloquently… Everyone was so welcoming, the family and the guest all followed suit in the personality of the whole day. Cat & Cam to begin with are a beautiful couple… but then you see them on their wedding day… absolutely breathtaking people to match an absolutely breathtaking wedding. The reception was so fun, I particularly enjoyed the DJ, Craig, Very upbeat, fun, and the he even got onto the dance floor himself! Then finally the sparkler send off… What a perfect beginning 🙂



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